• What is LifeEase?

    LifeEase is an administrative tool designed to take the complexity and frustration of insurance paperwork out of your hands.  What makes it different is you can use LifeEase for all insurance products by every company issued in any state.  You complete the one page “ticket” and Advisor’s Choice handles the rest of the process.

  • How do I use LifeEase?

    After you have presented a solution and the client has agreed to move forward with the purchase of a life, disability or long term care insurance policy, you only need to complete a simple one page form (no client signature required) and send it to our office.  We will contact your client and complete the application and set up the exam (if applicable).  We will collect the necessary signatures at point of exam.  We’ll order all medical paperwork from your client’s physicians and we’ll advocate with the insurance carrier on your client’s behalf to get the best offer available.

  • Does LifeEase make the sale on my behalf?

    No, you still need to present the need to your client and confirm the sale.  At that point you will then complete the one page LifeEase form and submit to us.  The best way to view LifeEase is as your administrative assistant.  You make the sale, LifeEase completes the paperwork, processes the application, facilitates the underwriting process, and then sends you the completed policy.

  • Why should I use LifeEase?

    – You will simplify your business and save significant administrative time
    – The incidence of having to go back to your client to redo or complete additional forms will be significantly reduced if not eliminated altogether
    – You will place more insurance business
    – You will increase your insurance revenue

  • What does LifeEase cost to use?

    Advisor’s Choice charges no fee or split of the compensation when you choose to use LifeEase.

  • Who is Advisor’s Choice?

    Advisor’s Choice is a preeminent full service insurance brokerage firm whose primary focus is to bring focused insurance products, services, support and placement to money managers, financial planners and others who act as financial advisors on behalf of their clients.

  • What is the downside to using LifeEase?

    The only downside is you will need to find something to do to fill the time that is freed up for you and your staff!

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